International Women’s Safety Day

They say that empowering women is the most vital element of empowering and developing a country, and women empowerment can only turn into a living reality if first and foremost women are safe in a country.

Violence against women has shocked, struck and impacted everything globally for ages now, and yet the issue still continues to be one of the major concerns of the world. The concept of 25th November being celebrated as International Women’s Safety Day actually has its roots from the year 1960, when due to their political activism the sisters from the Dominican Republic were brutally assassinated.

The tragedy reflected nationwide shock in America and the sisters, commonly referred to as the “unforgettable butterflies” soon became a significant symbol in history to denote how much women suffered in the hands of men and society as a whole. Since then, the 25th of November has become a prominent date in the calendar to not just commemorate the lives of the sisters but also promote women’s safety.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a new resolution to celebrate this day as an international day for the elimination of violence against women, in 1999. And gradually, the 25th of November became registered in the calendars as the International Women’s Safety Day.

While Valentine’s Day is the day you express your love and affection towards your loved ones, it doesn’t mean it is the only day you can do that, similarly, it isn’t that November 25th is the only day to acknowledge the reason and need for women’s safety in the world. The need for safety is perpetual and indispensable. The best a country can achieve is by acknowledging this fact and taking steps to ensure that the safety and security of women is maintained.

Analytically, issues like gender gap, gender discrimination in India has certainly improved over the last few decades, but we cannot deny that when it comes to safety, there still is so much to be done.

Safety according to you?

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3 important safety hacks for women that really are a lifesaver

It’s true that responsibilities are a part of life and one has to fulfill them, and it is equally true that your first responsibility is towards yourself, as if only one can fulfill the responsibility towards oneself can s/he do it for others too. On that note, here are some important safety hacks for women that can help them fulfill their first and foremost responsibility of safety towards themselves—

1. Avoid sitting in the car for too long if you are not driving

Many women tend to sit for a long time in their cars after work, shopping or just buying grocery, striking off items from the check list, talking on phone, fixing their hair, adjusting make up or simply looking into their to-do list. Avoid doing so. You might not notice but some predators can make you an easy target by just observing you for a while before forcing himself into your car through the passenger seat and coaxing you to do as he says.

2. Be extremely careful with your social media check-ins

With the sudden surge of geological updates every second on social media, social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, have become a great platform for one to stalk people rigorously. Hence, it is important that you keep in mind that your stalkers can keep a track of your location through your social media check-ins. The wise thing to do here is check-in to places when you are leaving, and not when you enter there. That way, even if one were to stalk you through that, you will be already gone from the place before your stalker made an entry.

3. Always try taking the elevators rather the staircases

Recent studies have revealed that staircases in tall buildings are one of the prime spots where women are assaulted or face some or the other kind of sexual harassment. Hence, it is wiser to always opt for elevators in residential buildings as well as offices.

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5 reasons safety devices are a smart choice

Wireless technology has seen radical changes that have significantly bridged communication gaps in mere strides. With technology taking over the world in an exponentially high pace, it is undeniable that if one can’t make optimum use of this blessing, one is most certainly at a loss.

When it comes to safety, we all understand that it is more important than convenience. Luckily, with wireless technology flourishing, we can now take complete care of our safety with utmost convenience; be it safe banking through mobile banking, or safety devices that are your real guardians when you are caught up in a tight spot. On that note, here are five reasons why safety devices are integral in the future of wireless technology—

  1. They are as dynamic as you

We would comply that we tend to befriend those whose wavelength matches with ours. Thankfully, safety devices are molded in such a way that they are dynamic enough to adapt with our everyday situations. From a teenager to an elderly woman—safety devices are a standalone component that can easily blend into anyone’s lifestyle.

2.They let your loved ones rush to you when you need them

The whole point of technology ever since its essence dawned on earth was to bridge the world and bring people closer. Safety devices are no different, the tech features in them keep you connected to your loved ones and intimate them in a fraction of second whenever you press a button calling for help.

3. They are monetarily feasible

Yes, you may be keen about grabbing the latest iphone saving hefty amounts for the gadget, only to start saving once again a year later to grab the next model from the series. However, safety devices are monetarily reasonable and it’s the smartest investment you can make to stay safe in the long run.

4. Updates are consistent

Safety devices are paired with a safety app on your smartphones, and these apps are regularly updated, giving you ample scope to augment your own safety and be fearless in your day to day life.

5. They help turn freedom into a living reality

Independent nations, human rights—we respect these facts, but quite often we are coaxed to think if these are only limited to verbal and theoretical concepts. With safety devices in your hands, you are free to live the life you want, without any fear, without any curfew.

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