3 important safety hacks for women that really are a lifesaver

It’s true that responsibilities are a part of life and one has to fulfill them, and it is equally true that your first responsibility is towards yourself, as if only one can fulfill the responsibility towards oneself can s/he do it for others too. On that note, here are some important safety hacks for women that can help them fulfill their first and foremost responsibility of safety towards themselves—

1. Avoid sitting in the car for too long if you are not driving

Many women tend to sit for a long time in their cars after work, shopping or just buying grocery, striking off items from the check list, talking on phone, fixing their hair, adjusting make up or simply looking into their to-do list. Avoid doing so. You might not notice but some predators can make you an easy target by just observing you for a while before forcing himself into your car through the passenger seat and coaxing you to do as he says.

2. Be extremely careful with your social media check-ins

With the sudden surge of geological updates every second on social media, social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, have become a great platform for one to stalk people rigorously. Hence, it is important that you keep in mind that your stalkers can keep a track of your location through your social media check-ins. The wise thing to do here is check-in to places when you are leaving, and not when you enter there. That way, even if one were to stalk you through that, you will be already gone from the place before your stalker made an entry.

3. Always try taking the elevators rather the staircases

Recent studies have revealed that staircases in tall buildings are one of the prime spots where women are assaulted or face some or the other kind of sexual harassment. Hence, it is wiser to always opt for elevators in residential buildings as well as offices.

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