International Women’s Safety Day

They say that empowering women is the most vital element of empowering and developing a country, and women empowerment can only turn into a living reality if first and foremost women are safe in a country.

Violence against women has shocked, struck and impacted everything globally for ages now, and yet the issue still continues to be one of the major concerns of the world. The concept of 25th November being celebrated as International Women’s Safety Day actually has its roots from the year 1960, when due to their political activism the sisters from the Dominican Republic were brutally assassinated.

The tragedy reflected nationwide shock in America and the sisters, commonly referred to as the “unforgettable butterflies” soon became a significant symbol in history to denote how much women suffered in the hands of men and society as a whole. Since then, the 25th of November has become a prominent date in the calendar to not just commemorate the lives of the sisters but also promote women’s safety.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a new resolution to celebrate this day as an international day for the elimination of violence against women, in 1999. And gradually, the 25th of November became registered in the calendars as the International Women’s Safety Day.

While Valentine’s Day is the day you express your love and affection towards your loved ones, it doesn’t mean it is the only day you can do that, similarly, it isn’t that November 25th is the only day to acknowledge the reason and need for women’s safety in the world. The need for safety is perpetual and indispensable. The best a country can achieve is by acknowledging this fact and taking steps to ensure that the safety and security of women is maintained.

Analytically, issues like gender gap, gender discrimination in India has certainly improved over the last few decades, but we cannot deny that when it comes to safety, there still is so much to be done.

Safety according to you?

What is safety according to you? What do you think can be and should be a valid step in the country to ensure that the women here are safe? Do leave your comments below! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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