Lifesaving safety hacks for women—PART II

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A month back we gave you some of the most important safety tips for women that can be of great help in their day to day lives. Well, just like days are endless, so are the measures that one can take in order to ensure one’s safety and well being.

On that note, here are some more safety tips for women that will always be of great help for them, no matter which city or country they are in—

  1. Going for women only floors in hotels


Choose your accommodations wisely. Try making reservations in hotels beforehand rather than arriving at the place and then looking for an accommodation. There are many hotels that run women only floors, try getting one of those.


  1. Own yourself and never let your apprehension show


Own yourself. No, that’s not just a fashion statement but a very prominent one when it comes to maintaining your own safety. The more confident you seem about yourself and your surroundings, the lesser your chances are to become anyone’s target. Always remember: think global but act local.


  1. Safety enablers are your best friends


What’s the use of technology, especially wireless technology if you don’t put it to optimum use in safeguarding yourself and your loved ones? Get a safety enabler that helps your loved ones keep a track of your whereabouts so that you can intimate them earnestly whenever there’s a need to, without fail.


Share your own safety tips with us

What are some of your own safety tips that you would like to give to other women to help them ascertain their security? You can leave your comments below, or follow us on Facebook and participate in our Christmas contest by sharing a safety tip and standing a chance of winning a brand new AVA—your personal safety enabler.

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Safety enablers changing safety dynamics in India

The safety of yourself and your loved ones will always remain a prime concern to you, no matter which country you are in and what’s the safety for women quotient in that place.

India has always been a center of controversies, charges, beliefs and events, when it comes to women safety, where many have defended its norms, and many have blatantly refuted them, blaming them for the occurrence of any mishap concerning women, where their safety had been or had been on the verge of being jeopardized.

While reaching a proper veracity in the sector of women safety is undoubtedly quite far from turning into a living reality, it is beyond doubt that with technology coming into fore, a lot has changed for the better and in the years to come, there will positively be some more welcome changes to witness for us, where women can in their truest sense, enjoy the words empowerment, liberty and fearlessness.

Coming to technology, in the arena of women safety, safety enablers have proved to be great assets, which are not just weapons to ascertain one’s safety, but also a guide and companion that gives one the assurance that it is okay to be yourself and step out, do your thing, regardless of the time, and place.

Safety enablers have most certainly inculcated it in the minds of many women that their lives need not be confined within perimeters, just because some people quote words like “late night,” “too dark,” or “unsafe” with great stress, making them sound like imposters.

The easy design and operational functions make safety enablers easily accessible for all women, regardless of their age. To top it all, their pocket friendly sizes are an added advantage since one can easily carry them anywhere. The GPS tracking features on the device help you stay connected to your loved ones 24×7 and at any time, any moment if you feel a little caught up in a situation you don’t want to be in, you are just a click away from alerting your family and friends about it.

With technology progressing every day and wireless facilities flourishing further, safety enablers are getting decked up with even more fascinating features, such as ones where you can alert emergency services like fire department, police, suicide helpline, etc, in just one click.

With such ease and loads of power that these safety enablers have for you to use, it won’t be wrong to anticipate that the safety dynamics of the country are bound to change for the better, and with the increasing penetration of technology in the Indian market, it will be sooner and hence, the better.

Did you get your safety enabler yet?

So have you taken the optimum advantage of technology and gotten yourself and your loved ones a safety enabler? If not, then simply click this link  and order your personal safety enabler AVA, NOW!


3 Major Tips to Stay Safe If You’re Going to a Big Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year, the time that everybody waits for but surprisingly get so shocked that it has come around so quickly. Emotions are high and excitement is definitely higher, with Christmas sales and food on offer at every second store. It truly is the season to be jolly.

Many of us probably have Christmas parties planned and finding that perfect little black dress is the number one priority when roaming around the stores.

Although Christmas parties are all about reunions and fun, there are a few things that you should be aware of if there are a lot of new faces around. Here are three essential tips to ensure that your night goes off without any problems

  1. Keep your drink with you at all times

Always make sure that you have your beverage with you or in your line of sight to prevent any unwanted additions. Spiked drinks are becoming increasingly potent and can ruin your evening even before it starts. Plus, you don’t want something added that may leave you in a state of vulnerability.

  1. Leave with the person or people you came with

The one thing about plans is that they are always subject to change, especially at a Christmas party. To make sure you don’t cause panic at the end of the night, leave with the friends or family you turned up with or at least let them know that there is a change in the plan.

  1. Don’t talk to strangers

This one is probably one you’ve heard many times from your parents and other family members. You never really know the intentions of some people, even more so when you’ve never met them before. This doesn’t mean don’t mingle, more like be weary of who you are mingling with. Many random people turn up for these parties claiming to know someone or the other, but actually they’re there for the free food and possibly try their luck.

No Issue if you carry AVA

Having a personal assistant there with you is always a good thing especially if that assistant is AVA. You’re safety is the most important thing. Don’t let someone ruin your festive celebrations. Take AVA along. A keepsake to keep safe.


3 reasons you should gift AVA to your loved ones this Christmas

Festivals are about celebrations, positivity, sharing and caring. Decorations, fun, and gifts form an integral part of festivities, and while it is always a splendid feeling to see a smile on your loved ones’ faces after you gift them something, it is an absolutely an equally gratifying feel to know that your loved ones are safe and protected.

On that account, here we give you three important reasons why you should gift AVA to your loved ones on this exquisite and beautiful festival of Christmas—

  1. It is the best way to start the new year

New years are always about new beginnings, forgetting the oddities of the bygone year and looking forward to positivity, new memories and success in your endeavors. In a nutshell, it is all about vouching for only positive vibes. What better way to ensure the first step towards positive vibes other than ascertaining people’s safety?


  1. AVA is not bound to age groups, it is a gift you can give to anyone and everyone

While electronic gadgets make a great gift for all festivals, their ease of access varies and hence, many find them inconvenient to be gifted to people who belong to the older generation. However, with AVA, one doesn’t have to worry about convenience and age groups, since its friendly interface and easy accessibility makes it suitable for all generations. You can gift it to your 13 year old daughter as well as your 50 year old mother.


  1. AVA lets you keep a tab on your loved ones, no matter where they are

Safety is the fundamental concern. With AVA, you can always stay informed about your near and dear ones. It takes only one click for AVA to trigger an SOS that lets out your geographical information and call for help to all your emergency contacts. Not just that, AVA understands your concerns during times of need and hence comes with a SCREAM feature, activating which helps you garner the attention of the crowd whenever you feel your safety is threatened by someone or something.


Gift Safety this Christmas

To ensure your personal safety as well as the safety of the ones who are too dear to you, #GiftSafety to them, this Christmas. To order your AVA, simply click on this link: