3 reasons you should gift AVA to your loved ones this Christmas

Festivals are about celebrations, positivity, sharing and caring. Decorations, fun, and gifts form an integral part of festivities, and while it is always a splendid feeling to see a smile on your loved ones’ faces after you gift them something, it is an absolutely an equally gratifying feel to know that your loved ones are safe and protected.

On that account, here we give you three important reasons why you should gift AVA to your loved ones on this exquisite and beautiful festival of Christmas—

  1. It is the best way to start the new year

New years are always about new beginnings, forgetting the oddities of the bygone year and looking forward to positivity, new memories and success in your endeavors. In a nutshell, it is all about vouching for only positive vibes. What better way to ensure the first step towards positive vibes other than ascertaining people’s safety?


  1. AVA is not bound to age groups, it is a gift you can give to anyone and everyone

While electronic gadgets make a great gift for all festivals, their ease of access varies and hence, many find them inconvenient to be gifted to people who belong to the older generation. However, with AVA, one doesn’t have to worry about convenience and age groups, since its friendly interface and easy accessibility makes it suitable for all generations. You can gift it to your 13 year old daughter as well as your 50 year old mother.


  1. AVA lets you keep a tab on your loved ones, no matter where they are

Safety is the fundamental concern. With AVA, you can always stay informed about your near and dear ones. It takes only one click for AVA to trigger an SOS that lets out your geographical information and call for help to all your emergency contacts. Not just that, AVA understands your concerns during times of need and hence comes with a SCREAM feature, activating which helps you garner the attention of the crowd whenever you feel your safety is threatened by someone or something.


Gift Safety this Christmas

To ensure your personal safety as well as the safety of the ones who are too dear to you, #GiftSafety to them, this Christmas. To order your AVA, simply click on this link:

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