Lifesaving safety hacks for women—PART II

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A month back we gave you some of the most important safety tips for women that can be of great help in their day to day lives. Well, just like days are endless, so are the measures that one can take in order to ensure one’s safety and well being.

On that note, here are some more safety tips for women that will always be of great help for them, no matter which city or country they are in—

  1. Going for women only floors in hotels


Choose your accommodations wisely. Try making reservations in hotels beforehand rather than arriving at the place and then looking for an accommodation. There are many hotels that run women only floors, try getting one of those.


  1. Own yourself and never let your apprehension show


Own yourself. No, that’s not just a fashion statement but a very prominent one when it comes to maintaining your own safety. The more confident you seem about yourself and your surroundings, the lesser your chances are to become anyone’s target. Always remember: think global but act local.


  1. Safety enablers are your best friends


What’s the use of technology, especially wireless technology if you don’t put it to optimum use in safeguarding yourself and your loved ones? Get a safety enabler that helps your loved ones keep a track of your whereabouts so that you can intimate them earnestly whenever there’s a need to, without fail.


Share your own safety tips with us

What are some of your own safety tips that you would like to give to other women to help them ascertain their security? You can leave your comments below, or follow us on Facebook and participate in our Christmas contest by sharing a safety tip and standing a chance of winning a brand new AVA—your personal safety enabler.

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