What makes AVA appropriate for all age groups?

The best part of technology is of course the fact that it makes our lives easier. However, one of the major cons is that not every age group finds it easy accessible, given their limit level of understanding with how wireless gadgets actually work. However, with AVA, one need not worry about age groups as it is readily accessible by all kinds of generations—from younger ones to the elderly people.

On that note, here are some reasons that make AVA the right choice of safety enabler for all age groups—

  1. Its pocket size design and simple design

Unlike other safety enablers, AVA is not too cluttered with many buttons, making it simple for any user to understand its design. It is also puny in size, which is not just easy to carry but also to use efficiently for all age groups, since unlike the younger generation, the older generation may find difficulty in holding devices that are bigger in size like tablets and phablets.


  1. It is decked with a user friendly interface

Not everyone is tech savvy, and AVA understands that well. That is why it is built with a super easy and friendly interface, wherein, the functions are easily comprehensive to the younger people as well as the older ones. For elders in the house, like your grandmother or grandfather, a one-time explanation of AVA and its functions would be more than enough to help them comprehend how they can use the device during times of need.


  1. It is a multi-purpose safety enabler

The fundamental purpose of AVA is most certainly to keep you safe when you are out somewhere alone and get caught up in an unwanted situation. However, that’s not the only purpose for which the device can be used. When leaving elderly people at home, the device can of great use in situations where they would want to communicate with you and the phone might not work. Hence, AVA serves many purposes at once when it comes to the safety of your loved ones.


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What makes AVA a revolutionary safety enabler?

Technology has paved way for the existence of a list of things that one couldn’t have even dreamt of decades ago. While there is arguably a lot of debate relating to its good sides and its bad sides, one certainly cannot deny one thing, and that is, technology has indeed made our lives easier. When it comes to trackers and safety enablers—another dimension that now comes in handy thanks to technology, wireless technology to be precise, there’s a wide variety of products available in the market, just a click away from you.

Then what makes AVA a revolutionary safety enabler?

1. It’s pocket sized design

Unlike other trackers and safety enablers, AVA is designed with convenience in mind. It can fit in extremely secretive places and this makes it easily portable and in fact, if at all you are caught up in a tight spot, the offender wouldn’t even able to spot it immediately to drift you from it. From your pocket to your clutch bag, it can fit in easily, accompanying you wherever you go, whenever you go.

2. The SCREAM feature

While many apps and safety enablers emphasize more on its tracking feature, which helps you to alert your emergency contacts where you are in an unwanted situation, AVA believes in thinking and being one step ahead. That’s why, along with its tracking features, it comes loaded with the SCREAM feature that lets you alert the people near you about your problem, since it believes that help delayed is help denied. Hence, with SCREAM feature on the device, you can get immediate help from those around you, before your emergency contacts can get to you with the tracking feature.

3. No charge for the alerts sent

AVA is not just your keepsake for keeping safe, but also your companion in need that understands you thoroughly. That’s the reason every alert you send from the device is absolutely FREE, as the charges are borne through Save My Soul’s own server.

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4 important safety resolutions for 2016

The New Year has kick started and everybody is but obviously in the mood of celebrations!

A New Year is all about new beginnings, rectifying old mistakes and taking vows that are positive and helpful, for oneself as well as the society as a whole.

Like it is said, there’s no special day for safety, because safety is everyday and universal; let’s quickly make up our minds to ensure that 2016 will be a year that focuses on everyone’s safety and gives every soul the liberty to live freely and fearlessly, turning freedom into a living reality.

On that note, here are four important safety resolutions that must be made by everyone—

1. Always keep your near ones updated about your plans

Yes, the world is progressing from antiquated norms and people are being vocal about their lives. Use this progress to the best of your advantage and start being a little more vocal about your everyday life with your family and friends. Being secretive isn’t a bad thing and you are totally entitled to maintain your personal space, but when it comes to safety, you should let those around you know, where you are so that you can always be sure that your loved ones are aware of you in case the situation demands it.

2. Buy a safety enabler

Technology speaks volumes and the present as well as the older generation is becoming tech savvy day by day. Use this resource in an optimum way and grab hold of a safety enabler now! Safety enablers are not just smart devices decked with latest technology, but are extra smart weapons that you can freely carry with yourself, anytime, anywhere! Their tracking, emergency services and a list of other functions make them a must have for every individual belonging to the 21st century!

3. Don’t disclose too much of your life on social media

While point 1 asks you to let your close ones be aware of your whereabouts, this one is about knowing the difference between the real and virtual world. A person can be anything on the internet, a contrast to what s/he might be in real life. Your task is to demarcate them and ensure that the virtual world doesn’t get too much of a grip of your life, since that way you maybe unintentionally giving out too much information that may prove to be not in your favor later on.

Your social media accounts are the number one platform for any stalker to keep track of you and hence, you need to make sure you share minimum info about where you are and what you do, as the internet is totally anonymous with unpredictable personalities all over.

4. Own your confidence

This one is easier said than done, but that doesn’t imply that it is next to impossible to accomplish. Let the past year be the bygone of being naïve and under confident and embrace the New Year with newly found confidence. It is important to own yourself wherever you go, because it embarks on onlookers that you are capable enough to carry yourself and also protect yourself. If not anything, this does help in keeping some unwanted strangers away from you, and you away from some unwarranted fiascos when it comes to safety.

What’s your safety vow this New Year?

In your list of New Year resolutions, what resolution did you make to ensure you and your loved ones are safe? If nothing, then fortunately, it’s not too late. You can order your own safety enabler AVA NOW and have your safety resolution fulfilled immediately, before even making it.

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